What Are the Top 5 Best czech Republic Traditional foods?

The Czech culture is a very rich one as it has some of the best architecture. Czech Republic is also popular for it large consumption of beer. Another feature that makes Czech stand out is its cuisine. Indeed, this country has traditional cuisines, not just cuisines influenced by external cultures. Below are the top five best Czech Republic traditional foods.

Svíčková Na Smetaně

Svíčková na smetaně may take hours to prepare, but it is definitely worth the time. This sauce based dish is considered to be the best of its kinds. It is rated so highly that Czechs prepare it only for special occasions. It is made from roasted beef sirloin and served with vegetable puree.

The meat and vegetable puree are cooked together. Afterwards, the meat is removed from the vegetable puree. The meat is then covered in cream sauce. Further toppings of cranberry sauce, whipped cream, and a slice of lemon is added to bring that exotic taste. It is best served with bread dumplings.

Vepřo Knedlo Zelo

Talking about Czech national dishes, the Vepřo Knedlo Zelo one of them. This dish is made of roasted pork, cabbage and dumplings. The meat is first roasted. Afterwards, it is served with caraway gravy and onion. The native Czech people often use sauerkraut to prepare the Vepřo knedlo zelo. However, you can also use red cabbage.

This dish has a wide variety to it. There are sweet and sour recipes to it as well. Speaking of variety, you can use beef, chicken and other types of meat when preparing the Vepřo knedlo zelo.


Goulash is one Czech delicacy any visitor has to taste if they are opportune to visit Czech republic. It is often prepared during winter. So tourists who visit Czech for Christmas holidays will enjoy it to the fullest. Goulash is a meaty stew made of chunks of meat seasoned with paprika.

Although most people use beef, it can also be made using pork or wild boar meat. The taste is similar to the rich beef soup, but it is not as spicy. Goulash is topped with shredded onion and chilli pepper. It goes best with bread dumplings.


The Kulajda is a rich soup made from mushrooms, sour creams and potatoes. The potatoes are diced and prepared with some dill. The cream and mushrooms give the stew a unique sour taste. When serving, toppings like poached quail eggs are added for further effect.

Sunflower oil is added to the stew before serving to make it rich. Unlike most sauces, this soup does not require meat. It can be served as either an appetizer or a main dish.

Bread Knedliky

It will be a crime to talk about Czech dishes without mentioning the Bread Knedliky. Although it is not exactly a meal on its own, it is a part of most Czech meals. This bread dumpling goes with almost everything. There’s hardly a Czech meal that bread dumplings do not seat well.

The original versions are made from slightly stale bread. The dough for making the bread is first mixed before it is rolled into smaller dumplings. The dumplings are prepared by steaming or boiling them in water. Although their taste is not bad, the Czech people never eat them dry or with butter. They are strictly side dishes for soups, sauces and juices.