How to cook a sausage goulash?

There are many tasty meals and food; however, getting that easy recipe to guide you through the preparation process is an issue. Sausage goulash is a delicious Hungarian delicacy that we will discuss today. This piece will walk you through the procedures of how to prepare this mouth-watering food and ingredients you can use.

What is Sausage Goulash?

This European delicacy is a classical meal with easy-to-use recipes that will satisfy family and friends every time. It has many flavors, which makes it spicy and an ideal meal for everyone. If prepared well, all potatoes and sausage crumbs will disappear.

Sausage Goulash is proof that just a few ingredients can create a splendid result every time. Ingredients to prepare Sausage Goulash.

Ingredients to prepare the Sausage Goulash

Here are key ingredients to prepare this recipe:

  • 1 macaroni pack
  • half pack of olive oil 1/2 onions
  • 2 European sausages
  • three pieces of garlic cloves
  • Fresh red bell pepper, one fresh corn
  • Two zucchini
  • A 15.5 oz (0:59 kg) diced native tomatoes
  • A bit of marina sauce
  • One entire meat stock, 3 Bay vegetables
  • 3 tsp European seasonings
  • a whole pack of tsp salt
  • A fresh black pepper
  • original honey,
  • A teaspoon Worcestershire
  • two shredded cheddar.

Now, let’s go on to the preparation phase.

Steps to prepare Sausage Goulash

Follow these steps to prepare this recipe:

  • Preheat the oven to about 350 degrees

This is necessary to heat the ingredients before cooking starts. Failure to preheat the oven will result in having a sour recipe.

  • Use a big pot of water

This will make sure you boil enough water to prepare the recipe. The water you will boil depends on whom you want to serve and how huge the recipe you want.

  • Don’t forget the salt

Put some salt inside the boiled water before putting some pasta. Use a tablespoon to measure the salt to avoid a salty goulash.

  • Add the macaroni and onions

Prepare the packed macaroni; according to how Otto prescribed, once the macaroni is done, inside a big mixing bowl. During this process, cut some onions into several big pieces and add.

  • Put oil

Don’t forget to put olive oil in the skillet and heat for a while. Once it is hot to your satisfaction, and prepare for 3 minutes.

  • Here comes the sausage

Put the sausage and cut your meat into edible sizes. Make sure the links are fresh and still hot.

  • Add meat

Prepare the beef until it softens and changes color. Always stir your pot occasionally in about 4-minute intervals.

  • Put some pepper

As the meat changes color, wash the bell pepper and cut it into half and add.

  • Now for the Zucchini

After that, bring out the zucchini, cut into quarters and add. Once the meat is entirely done, add other ingredients. Prepare until all your ingredients are done. This shouldn’t take more than 5 to 6 minutes, depending on your pan size.

  • Then comes the corn

The last step is to add the corn and cook for two minutes. Put the cooked beef and vegetables into a big mixing bowl and add pasta. You can then mix everything thoroughly except the shredded cheese.

  • Shredder cheese comes in finally

Put a baking powder into a dish and pour the Goulash. Add the shredded cheese and bake lastly. Allow it to cool for at least 4 minutes before serving.

Following this Sausage Goulash recipe will provide you and your loved one a tasty meal to savor.